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How to Deal with Gluten Allergies in the Home

gluten free protein powder

Having a food allergy is something that is stressful to many people, but it can be even more stressful when you live in an environment where your food allergy is present. If you live in a house or a dorm room and are allergic to something that is fairly common in the area, such as gluten, it can be impossible to cut it out of your life.

Find a culinary compromise

But there are some simple tips to ensure that everyone who can eat gluten can still enjoy it, while also keeping you free from your allergy. First, talk to the people around you and see if you can come to a compromise about things. They might be willing to limit the amount of gluten in the home and try some gluten free alternatives to things like desserts and pasta, or go without gluten for one or two days of the week.

Second, promote the idea of cleaning and washing up whenever they are in contact with gluten. If they make a sandwich on the countertop, they should wipe the area down and ensure that any stray crumbs are collected and thrown away. You might want to set up an area of the counter or the shelves that is strictly for gluten or gluten free, that way, everyone has their space.

Look for alternatives

Everything that has gluten also has a gluten free alternative, from bread to gluten free protein powder, and with some items, people might not even be able to tell the difference. It will take a bit of compromise and a few discussions and changes, but as long as everyone is careful then gluten and gluten free items can exist in the same space.

Just communicate your allergy, be careful, and ensure everyone is made aware.