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Who Needs an MRI?

An MRI is a procedure that helps doctors get a closer look at a specific area of the body that has caused him concern. It is used to detect abnormalities and disease in various areas of the body. The MRI machine, however, is scary for some people who need the procedure done. And so they prefer the open MRI which does not place them inside of a machine for periods of time, reducing worry and other negative aspects of the procedure.

Don’t panic if you need an MRI. Rest assured the doctor is using this as a means to ensure that you are taken care of to the best of his ability.  The MRI is a machine that examines the inside of the body, looking for any signs of abnormalities and disease.  It’s been used in medicine for many, many year although technology keeps it getting better.

Who should use this machine when it is time to schedule an MRI?

open MRI

Claustrophobic Patients Love this MRI Machine

If you are claustrophobic, going into one of these machines can be very frightening, and sometimes even sickening to the stomach. Even people who are not claustrophobic find the machines scary and unnerving, causing them unease. Those worries are now gone.

Obese/Overweight Patients

When the MRI machine was designed, they were made for the comforts of the average size person. But, since people come in all sizes and shapes, some patients are left out, unable to easily use these machines like others. Obese and overweight patients can use the open MRI machine and worry not of their comfort while undergoing this procedure.


Sometimes kids must have the MRI performed. It is not easy for a kid to remain still, especially in a machine. Kids do much easier when they’re not forced inside of a machine. It reduces the risk of traumatizing them and helps them remain cool, calm, and collected at a scary time for a kid.

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