Retirement: Silver and Gold

Individual Retirement accounts (IRAs), can be funded by physical gold and/or silver. Yet, few investors are aware. These accounts are exempted form all capital gains taxes. If investments perform well over a prolonged period of time, it could result in substantial savings. Come and visit our website search it on gold IRA brokers you can learn more.

It is crucial to diversify your retirement fund with precious metals if you have a good understanding of asset allocation (see Ibbotson study). Precious metals usually rise in times of trouble, such as inflation, terrorism and downturns at the stock exchange and the US Dollar. These circumstances are usually favorable for precious metals.

The unique thing about this plan, however, is the ability to take physical possession or actual gold or silver at withdrawals. That’s correct! Instead of cashing out in fiat dollars you can cash out real, honest to goodness gold or silver. This is the best feature. The odds are that in this generational bullish gold and silver market, you will require physicals to access your investment.

Once you have decided to include precious metallics in your retirement plans, you must decide how much. What you choose to invest depends on your annual contributions, your personal goals, and your investment philosophy. You should also consider your age, total assets, risk tolerance, and risk tolerance.

There are very few institutions that can handle the precious metals portion of retirement plans. GoldStar Trust Company, one of the most respected names in the industry, is one of the best. GoldStar Trust Company offers IRAs which will accept precious metals to investors. GoldStar serves as the custodian for around 20,000 selfdirected IRAs, with assets greater than $700 million.

GoldStar does not sell coins but will work with dealers to buy and trade precious metal bullion and coins for your IRA.

GoldStar Trust Company – IRA Setting up

GoldStar makes it simple to set-up a self managed IRA. This is what I will be talking about at the Money Show Las Vegas this May. There are three steps that you need to take afterward.

1. Send the paperwork. 2. Fund the account.
3. Your broker can help you choose which precious metals to purchase.

The metals can be stored at HSBC Bank USA New York precious Metals Depository. It is one of many largest depository in the world. COMEX and other major commodity exchanges also use it. Annual storage fees are charged at $90 per account, regardless of its size.

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