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Spiritual Expansion: The 3rd Most Important Reason to Detox Your Energies

Clearing out energy blockages in your body is necessary to allow you to release all that does not serve you best, your Higher Self. Visit our website and learn more about Your Highest Truth.

What can you let go of? For a moment, think about an unpleasant experience. What kind of emotion come up? You have more work to do if there is any other emotion than love and forgiveness.

Forgiveness, one of the best ways to clear blocked energy, is forgiveness. Bloated energy can stop you moving forward. Each time you have a thought, emotion, or feeling that comes up and makes itself known as not being of love and light, you need to do more “work”.

Before we proceed, let us clarify. Forgiveness is all about shifting your energy. Yes, you benefit because you can’t make something change and that change will not affect everyone. It is not necessary to forgive someone who hurt you. Truth be told, you don’t need to forgive anyone. That truth also means that if your heart is not broken, it will hold you hostage to your energy.

To be able to free yourself from all the past, and to allow you to realize your full potential in all areas of your life. An energy blockage can make you feel like you are losing touch with your inner-Spirit from Divine Source Energy.

How do you allow yourself to forgive, move on and let go? One step at a.m., one foot at a.m., one thought at a.m. To feel brave, it takes courage to confront your inner demons. For this reason, you can take a few minutes to think about one thing: one experience that caused you pain and sorrow.

Now, exhale slowly, feeling all of your pain and sorrow. Now, visualize all you are feeling and all you can remember. Rose Light, which is symbolic of love and healing, allows you to place all your pain and sadness in a bubble or cocoon of rose light. You will be able to shift your energy as you heal, heal, and let go of old stagnant energies.

Every time you release something that is no longer necessary, you begin to shift and re-align yourself with Divine Source Energie. This allows for love, healing, and peace to flow through you.

Simply shift your energy to change your lifestyle.